*cough cought

I’ve been coughing all day, and my chest is so tight that it’s ridiculous. Heartrate is through the roof, resting, and of course that’s freaking me out, making it go even higher. Doesn’t really help, either, that the damn weather decides that it’s gonna rain for 2 freaking days. Yay! 🙁 I feel like absolute hell has warmed over, and there’s nothing I can really do about it. I’ve got a gallon of OJ (Minute Maid good stuff), but that’s the best I can do. Cough suppressants just make it last longer, and I can’t do the mucus ones (panic attack inducers). So I’m stuck 🙁

I have gotten a few new graphics done for other things. 🙂

These 3 are for Battlestar Dollandia

My av. Base is by Arzosah, but is a BSD exclusive

Part one of my sig. Base is by Glamour Puss.

Part two of my sig. Template by Brina

Actually, that’s pretty much it, :lol:. I’ve been too sick and stressed to do much else.

Sig by Kimi


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2 Responses to *cough cought

  1. Hope youu feel better soon. Have you tried tea? There have been studies showing that regular tea drinkers (green tea more so than black) don’t get sick as often or for as long. Cough meds never work for me so I suck on losenges and down the tea like its going out of fashion.

  2. Sarah

    The only tea I’ve got left makes me gag *the flavors*, so that’s not quite available, 😉

    I keep forgetting about the lozenges, though. Gotta get Josh to pick some of those up.