The Sims 2: Pets

*dances around* If they’ve got any in stock, I’m getting my game tonight, and only because it’s supposed to be in short supply, and the fact that everyone wants it, :lol:. We’ll see if they even have it in. Josh checked at 7 am this morning and they hadn’t gotten any in, yet. 🙁 Stupid Direct!! Ship them already, FFS!!

Anyways, in anticipation of getting the new game, I’ve already started getting pets from the Exchange. *snort* Go figure, right? They upped the requirements again, but I should be okay. They’ve done it on EVERY SINGLE expansion and stuff pack, and I haven’t had a problem. Graphics all work the same, just a little slower, and that’s because I don’t quit everything, :lol:. I still keep IM running, along with my anti-virus/firewall. I’ll be getting the new graphics card come tax return. It’s hard finding a PCI card that has more than 128 MB on it, for less than $200. Hell, it’s hard finding a plain-old PCI card period. Most of the ones now are PCI-express, which we don’t have 🙁 *kicks PC for good measure* I just want the card for 2 reasons: 1. play the Sims, and 2. 1280×1024 on this 19″ is driving me crazy. It’s like 800×600 on a 17″. Well, to me anyway. The Wishlist has the one I’d like to have.

I still feel icky, but headache has gone away, thanks to 2 shots of Buttershots mixed in my hot chocolate and 2 Tylenols, :lol:. The hot chocolate really helped my throat too. Shoulda listened to Josh this morning, :lol:, instead of just whining at him. Right now I’ve got PC-cilin running, scanning for stuff. I had stuff sitting in quarantine that I didn’t even know about O.o That both freaks me out and makes me feel good about the program. Freaks me out, because one of them was from today, and I got no notification about it. The other was the day of Kathy’s viewing and I wasn’t even on the PC, just had it downloading. That’s freaky-deaky.

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  1. So now what does Maxis want you to have for it? Glamour stuff worked fine once I rolled back that one driver update. I think they’re in a conspiracy with microsoft and the like. extorting money from us by requiring us to update things more often.

  2. Sarah

    Well, I’m playing fine, with a 32 meg graphics card, and having no problems. No clue what the requirements were. I tore them off before realizing what I’d done, :lol:.