I feel like absolute shit right now. My eyes are burning, my nose is stopped up, and my throat hurts like hell. 🙁 I hate, hate, HATE being sick. I wanna just curl into the bed and sleep, but of course, can’t do that, because Josh needs to sleep. Well, at least good news is that he’s gonna get off pretty damn early tonight. He’s scheduled 9pm-6am, BUT, he’s got 4 hours clocked over already, and they don’t want anyone having overtime, so he’ll be off by no later than 1am or they’ll be paying for overtime *dances* That means I can actually sleep in and he’ll be fine *dances*

I feel so bad for my Jabber Gals secret sister. She hasn’t gotten anything from me in a while, because of what happened with Kathy. And now, I can’t even get up the “oompf” to do anything to make something, and I feel so bad about it. But, when you’re sick (and exhausted, since I’ve been falling asleep from sheer exhaustion every night), you can’t force yourself. Right now, I just want to sleep, and sleep, and sleep. 🙁

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2 Responses to Nastiness

  1. Angel Dreamz

    ugh… I am not sick but my allergies are being nasty bitches. I feel like someone punched me in the face… my face and eyes are swollen and itchy. The problem is that if I take antihistamines I act like a crackhead… I get all wigged and then have a Sudafed hangover LOL. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Sarah

    I can only do Vicks (Dayquil/Nyquil) or Tylenol, as all the rest do the same to me. Poor Josh can’t take anything, because they literally knock him off his ass, even the daytime stuff.

    I’m feeling better since I actually got sleep, :lol:. *hugs*