Sheez! I totally meant to update with something yesterday, but Ethan drove me insane and I forgot. Good news is that we got The Little Mermaid last night for Madi. We had no choice, as they were selling FAST! Out of eleven shippers, only one and a half were left at 7 pm last night. Josh tried to argue with me for weeks, “it won’t go fast”. BS. Now, he’s been like “yeah, you were right”, :lol:. I like a man who can admit when I’m right, .

Speaking of movies, I watched Cool World and Sahara last night. Sahara was fan-freaking-tastic. Cool World? Not as good as I remember. THinking back, I think it might have been Pitt that I was obsessed with, not the movie, :lol:. Next on the Netflix list is ConAir. That one, I know I love. And it’s not just because of Cage, .

In other news. Well, there isn’t any other news. There might be later today, after my second work-out. There’ll be whining and complaining, , but that’s because I’m a wimp sometimes. Today, I’m HOPING to get some things done for SNM, but we’ll see how that goes. Anyone wanna toss some inspiration at me? I’m totally out of it. Sigs are definitely manditory. I’ve got NADA done. Well, okay, I’ve got one really cute one, but I can’t show that off until the end of the month. It’s part of Jabber Gals’s Secret Sister program. I show it off, BOOM, I’m recognized, :lol:.

Tomorrow is GROCERY SHOPPING!! YAY!! I love to go shopping, :lol:, if that wasn’t already evident, *snort* Tomorrow, though, is BIG shopping. We’re also going to be checking out things like coats for the kids (both need one this year), Ethan definitely needs more socks (I think he eats them), and checking out Halloween costumes for the brats. Mine’s coming from VS, unless Walmart’s got a bustier for cheaper, 😆 (or one at all, ).

Oh, Sarah asked about this, so I thought I’d re-post:

I can’t get “Import to PSP” from Animation Shop. I’ve got X, and I had to get AS seperately, because it didn’t come with PSP. *sniffle* So, any ideas on how to get it to work, or an easier solution?

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10 responses to “CRAP!!

  1. What I do is right click on the active file (I can’t remember right now if you need to select all the frames or if it will export all), select export to PSP and off it goes.

    Mine works with PSP 10 even though I got it with PSP8.

    If it doesn’t work, perhaps try naming the file in AS before exporting it to PSP, or if it’s not already open, have PSP up and running. I can poke around in mine and see if theres some program association thing.

    Dang, that’s quite a feat for LM. Did Walmart have something special going? Best Buy was giving away stuffed Flounder or Sebastians, and Target was giving a child’s Ariel’s wedding dress costume.

    I bet those stores like Red Hot and Wet seal have something bustier like., if you got them. And Goodwill and the like are always good for Halloween deals

  2. PSP is open, so that’s not it. I’ll try the resaving and see if that works. Never thought of that. How I’ve been doing it is saving it as an AS file in PSP, and then opening it in AS.

    No deal, unless you count the version with the CD or not, but I think all stores had that. Here in Topeka, Walmart is about the only place you could get it cheaply. They undersold Target by $2, and Best Buy by $5.

    Closest thing we’ve got to a Wet Seal here in Kansas is the PacSun, though we do have Hot Topic. That’s where I’m getting the skirt, unless Walmart happens to have them (short, :lol:).

  3. really? here Target and Bestbuy were the same, $14.99. I ordered mine through Disney store, so paid full price, but I have a nice collection of the lithos they give away with most preorders.

    Found one thing so far. File> Preferences> General, under the Layered files tab, the first box should be checked (export frames as layered images

  4. Here, Target and Best Buy are notorious for jacking up prices, and Walmart is notorious for under-selling by a bit.

    That’s checked 🙂 No clue what’s going on. Gonna attempt a re-install and see if that works.

    Edit: Nope, that didn’t work 🙁

  5. I checked the help files, and it did say you need to select the frames you want to export. If neither that or reinstall works, perhaps check out the Corel site knowledge base.

  6. I think I figured out my problem … I don’t have the full version of AS 🙁 I removed 9 (actual legal copy), and don’t have it backed up anywhere that I can find *CRAP*

  7. Haich might have links that would interest you. Do you know her site?

  8. No, but I got a copy of 7 from BitTorrent.

  9. Link to the file wasn’t found 🙁 It’s okay. Re-installing 7 worked. 🙂