An update would be nice

Yesterday was a bad day, physically for me. I had a blood sugar droppage, and it was a major one. So, I eat, to help with it. First I wanna pass out, and then I just want to vomit. Fun, oh, fun.

Still no luck getting any help on how to do the borders 🙁 I guess either a) no one wants to help, or b) no one knows the answer. I’m gonna re-send later today, because I’d really like a response, and some advice 🙂

I really need to update my doll site because I haven’t since the 3rd of this month. O.o Oh goodness, :lol:. Newest creations:

Base is by Tequila Sunrise. I tried a different way of shading, and I really like the result. At least with the top. With the second, it was supposed to a self-portrait style, but not happy with it.

I really dislike the brats today. I’m sick and tired of them doing shit that I’ve told them over and over not to do, and not doing what I’ve told them to do. Madi’s refusing to share, and Ethan’s refusing to not mess with the stereo. *screams*

from Zarbella, of Sig Safari

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7 responses to “An update would be nice

  1. Hope you’re feeling better today. What’cha mean about borders?

    Are you guys into time outs? It’s helped a little with Brandon. There are times when I think sticking with pets is much easier.

  2. Borders around the blog, something decorative, and be-fitting of halloween, like skulls, witches hats, etc. Like a table border, but decorative

    Timeouts don’t work, because one of us usually end up getting injured in the process. I’ve got a scar on the small of my back from the last attempt at time-outs. That, and we both have to be consistent with them, and one of us never is, :lol:.

  3. yeah, brandon usually spent them crying fussing and testing us, but sometimes threatening him with it works.

    Ok, what I thought, just brain not awake yet, so thought I’d check. What about spider webs?, So they attach to the sides of the different fields. I think some place has web line art (Lilac Doodles, but other places probably have some too)

  4. Well, I’ve got lineart and stuff for it, it’s just how to go about doing it so that they show up around the blog. That’s my problem, :lol:.

  5. Probably the easiest is to do a fixed width and do how I did for my art journal on lj. Do the long skinny piece of background image to go under it. I used this tutorial for the journal: and if you look at the example, where the blue and white areas are straight and not fancy, that’s one skinny graphic, then the header. She tells the journal part to be one width, and the side bar another to stay in the area. Should be able to put it in just like a smlall little background graphic. I can show you my pieces for my journal if it will help make sense. The brain doesn’t want to cooperate today, so hopefully that makes sense.

  6. I think I have you beat on the updating by a few months! I still have a layout from last winter waiting on my computer! Its not my fault I find something different to do. (:
    As for the kids, hiss at them. It works for the cat. (;

  7. Thanks, Sarah. If no one responds, which they haven’t yet :(, I’ll attempt that 🙂 Should work with WP, since it’s mostly in the CSS anyway.

    Stacie, I don’t think hissing’ll work. Never even worked with Tiger, :lol:. On updating, I’m pathetic, :lol:. I’ve got dolls from last year that still haven’t seen the light of day. Need to dig those off of CD’s, :lol:.