A Few Days gone by

Gah. This week has been good personally, for me and Josh, if you discount the fight 🙂 I’m actually happy most of the time. I’m not going “manic” at the moment, and haven’t had an episode since. I think a lot of it was the fact that I know, now, that things all around are going to work out, and I’m refusing to dwell on them.

In case you didn’t notice, I got rid of the blog renter. I got sick and tired of BE refusing to fix their craptastic server slowness, and I’m tired of how slow it was making my blog go. Goodbye, BE, and kiss my ass. Maybe I’ll come back if they ever fix their shit, but I doubt they ever will, considering they claim they’ve done it already O.o

Madi, on Thursday, had her WIC appointment. She is now definitely considered underweight. She’s just 2 pounds over Ethan. So, they’ve got her on a high calorie diet. Of course, that’s freaking expensive, since we have to add dry milk to almost everything to increase her caloric intake. Yeah, GV brand is cheaper, but with things like that, I don’t trust Walmart’s brand, so we’re getting the Carnation brand by Nestle. I definitely trust that a hell of a lot more. But, for the smallest package, it’s almost $7 O.o, and it just gets worse as you go up on it.

Other than that, nothing big. Yes, I know. Big boring sad life, :lol:. BUT!! A week from today is mine and Josh’s 5th anniversary. Mark and Julie are taking the brats so that Josh and I can go see a movie. No clue what we’re going to see, but thankfully, Josh works 8-5 that day 🙂 That week he also only has one day off (Wednesday). Poor thing 🙁 Monday is my sister’s 17th birthday. Lucky little snot is getting a CD player for her car O.o Lucky duck, 😆

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