Yes, I had to completely and restart over. Completely and totally pisses me off, but I can’t really help it. Fucking bug corrupted all my files 🙁

Now I gotta work on yet another theme, because I lost the previous one I had (files corrupted), and re-add all my codes and things. Wish me luck on that, because I’m gonna need it. I think I’m going to use the “Sig-ables” from Shimmery Daze for it. 🙂

Potty training of the monkey is going semi-well. She has fits and spurts of peeing on it. Only 3 pull-ups a day, not including the wake-up change 🙂 I think that’s pretty damn good for her 🙂

Ethan’s being his normal butt-holish self, :lol:. He’s getting into everything, screaming all the time (I’m half deaf now courtesy of him), and eating like a cow, *snort*. Little guy makes me full watching him eat.



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2 Responses to *sigh*

  1. Angel Dreamz

    Sorry again about your site. I know it sucks.

    Congrats to your wee one on her potty training. Sounds like she is coming along nicely.

    Buttholish? *snorts laughing* Is that a word? I feel I must adopt this word as it pertains to lots of things in my life bwahahahaha

  2. Sarah

    It sucks, yeah, but at least I didn’t lose too much, since I’d just re-started before 🙂 Maybe it’ll take Google a bit longer to find me and start stealing my images (was forced to put on hotlink protection and that just sucks even more).

    Madi is doing amazing. Josh got more pull-ups yesterday (a small pack is now lasting as long as a package from Sams, so that’s so much cheaper, LOL), but it hadn’t been opened. I didn’t realize and she’d put on her actual panties. Didn’t pee until she pooped (she has problems with pooping, potty training or not), and even said “ew” when we were changing her out of them,ROFL.

    Yes, buttholish is a word. Dad called my brother that all the time, so it must be 😉