Kinda Pissed

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another. Visited Manda’s site. She got hacked. Lovely. Now, I’ve found that the fuckers who did it also put on grayware, and PC-Cillian is picking it up, but only to “warn” me about it. Other than that, it can’t figure out exactly what it is. Virus scan isn’t picking anything up. The spyware scan didn’t get it. Re-got Adaware and Spy Bot. So far neither sees it. So, right now, I’m fucking screwed, because I look on Trend-Micro’s site for how to get rid of it, and they’re not giving me jack.

Now, to top it off, my blog is all fucked up. No images are showing that have to do with my themes. *throws tantrum* That’s gotta do with aMember, WP, and the like with security flaws. The WP one is well-known, yet they don’t do anything at all to fix it. I’ve got the newest fucking version out. Yet my shit is still getting fucked with. And here I was thinking I was safe because I’ve got the newest version. Yeah, fucking right!

I wrote that earlier today. Things are a little better now. I switched to another area, and seem to be having no problems now. I had a grayware that was corrupting my files. Seems to be the same thing that was corrupting everyone else’s blogs, as far as I can tell. Wouldn’t be surprised. PC-Cillian said it wasn’t a malicious file, except when in conjunction with other buggies. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what caused the file corruptions everywhere (and yes, I just said that, but re-iterating)



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3 Responses to Kinda Pissed

  1. Angel Dreamz

    Gotta love the dumbasses that have nothing better to do.

  2. Sarah

    Ain’t that the freaking truth.
    Oh well, at least I have the original e-mails of all the templates I’ve ordered (Artie and Marina), and can wait patiently until Manda’s able to bring back FI 🙂