October 05 – 06, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


For today’s prompt write a list of 10 burning questions for yourself about your life. I suggest not overthinking your list of questions, and you probably should not think about trying to answer those questions right now. Just write whatever questions come to mind. Remember, you’re writing in your journal. No one else should see your list, and you don’t have to answer to anyone about the questions you raise. You may find the this list troubling to write, but the questions might a useful to return to for future journal entries.

  1. What are you going to do with your future?
  2. Are you going back to school?
  3. Are you a good daughter?
  4. Are you a good friend?
  5. Are you lazy?
  6. Do you really think you’re a good writer?
  7. Can you make it in the real world?
  8. What’s it like living in the clouds so much?
  9. Are you really that spoiled?
  10. Why are your desires worth more than his

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October 04, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


In order to let our creative side flourish, we often need to set parameters for ourselves in order to pursue and achieve the things we really want to achieve. Often times we simply need to keep different types of spaces as clear as possible so that we don’t get distracted or held back from what we’re passionate about.

For today’s prompt, write and/or draw three signs that you would hang on your home door, work door, or even your forehead to let others know what you allow and don’t allow in your life. For example, a sign might be, “No Gossiping” or “Please Knock First.”

Now write about your signs and how you will enforce them, or how you already enforce them. Are there ways you can communicate your signs without actually posting them? Or should one or more of them be physically posted?

GO AWAY! Writing happening!

If you come in, I will take your picture!

Take a walk! I’ve got things I have to do!

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October 03, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


Continuing on the theme of “Unleashing Your Creative Mind Through Journal Writing” write a letter to your inner critic, that voice that whispers to you when think about wanting to do something creative or different. Think about when you heard the voice before and what it said to you. Talk back to it the form of a letter or a dialogue between you and the critic.

Dear Internal Critic,

Stop with the doubt. I can do this. I can write. I can finish a story. I can do all of that. Stop telling me that I’m going to fail. That no one is going to like the story. That I just suck.

This time, I’m not going to fail. I’m not going to hate what I do.

This time, I’m going to kick ass, take names, and just do it!

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October 02, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


Yesterday you wrote about ways you express yourself creatively. For today’s journal entry, write about you creative influences. Who and what makes you feel creative. Who and what do you draw creative inspiration from? You might consider writing your journal entry in the form of a letter to a creative person or type of creative expression (singer, painter, genre of music, sports player, science fiction, author, poet, etc) who you admire and draw inspiration from.

I have a few influences with my creativity. Sometimes it’s music. I have a weird soundtrack that fits my life on Spotify that really shows how eclectic my tastes are, as well as how varied my inspiration can be!

WEIRD playlist 😆

My family, the weirdos, are my inspiration.

Books I read. Life I see. Shows I love. All that stuff!


Friday, October 2, 2015
Who invented your most beloved family recipe? Tell us about the cook. Did you ever get to meet him or her?

I have NO IDEA. It’s something my Mammaw would make, and then I found it online, and I started making it. It’s so good and so yummy, and it reminds me of happy times growing up!

October 01, 2015 – NaBloPoMo & NaJoWriMo


Describe your creative side. When I refer to creative expression, it can range from doodling in your journal, home decorating, creating a presentation for your job or organization, to singing, painting, or playing a sport.

Write as much as you can about the forms of creative expression that you regularly engage in. Go on to describe the history of your creative expression(s), and how you think your creative side is a part of your personality and outlook on life.

If you absolutely don’t think you have a creative side, write about how you would like to be creative, and what do you think is keeping you from being able to express yourself in creative ways.

There are several aspects to my creative side. I was actually talking about that tonight with my dad, in fact. Not about what I’m creative with, but how we all are creative in my family, in our own ways. That we had to find the perfect person who helped us to channel that.

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