30 Lists: Days 02-04

30 Lists - Day 02
Day 02:
1. Using my other cameras besides my phone
2. Be more consistent with videos
3. Become more organized.
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Currently List …

Currently card for Feb. 27

Currently for Feb. 27

Watching: Roswell
Reading: Elfshadow
Listening: thumping radio
Making: Newsletter stuff
Feeling: Stuffed
Planning: March
Loving: New pants
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Cold … Just a Little

It’s cold enough that the geese are walking on actual ice on the pond.


But I still did EFFING AMAZING on steps today!

Urban Boot for hitting 15k in steps
High Tops for hitting 20k in steps

I could go for 25k (I’m 3356 steps away) but my PM is kicking in, and I need to be able to semi-move tomorrow. I feel FREAKING AMAZING though!

Project Life … and some others

So yeah, I’m already behind and I don’t even think I’m going to care enough to worry about it, :lol:

Project Life Week 07
Life is about the moments you capture and remember. I think I caught some good ones! Project Life is definitely giving me a chance to remember each moment, each day, and each week, in a way I haven’t been able to before!
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This Week in Happy

this week in happy
Boring. Cold. Life. But still happy!

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Hiding behind the lens is safer than hiding behind a computer