100 Days of Canon G7X!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be taking a picture daily using my Canon G7X, which I recently got! I’m so excited!

Selfie of myself in my vehicle

It’s going to be an interesting 100 Days! The goal is to NOT repeat a picture, but I offer no guarantees!

Feel free to leave me ideas!


New Computers!


The kids both got new computers.

We, who said no one would have their own computer until they were a certain age … WOW. We failed at that!

We got them the same exact computer system. The specs are perfect for the uses both kids will use them for!




I got a new camera! I got the Canon G7x Mark II! I’m so excited! I’ve been dying to have this camera since they originally released it and all the youtubers were using it! SO happy with it already! Red heart




I’ve got a new camera coming! Complete kit of stuff! Even a memory card and an extra battery!


Hashtag Struggling


There’s a new version of the container system by Autumn Calabrese coming out soon, and I think I might have to give it a try. It is the one that would work best with my current work schedule. Especially when I work the Sanitation shifts. I could have lunch at 845a or I could have it after noon Surprised smile