My Little June Baby


In just a couple of weeks, Madison will be 12. I can’t believe it. She’s almost a teenager! I love how beautiful she is becoming!

Kit & Template: Project 2015 June by Connie Prince

The Week is at an End!


And I’ve walked a crapton! :O

65000 steps total for 5 days :O

It’s insane.

I’m so super proud of myself, and I’ve talked multiple times with my boss, and actually LAUGHED with her. She’s amazing.

I have amazing and wonderful coworkers. It’s a nice range of ages, too. From one having kids around my age to ones half my age. We all work really well together, and things get done.

I’m just TIRED. Tomorrow and Sunday will be semi-easier days because I won’t have as many things to deliver, but woo-wee! Wish me luck that I survive!

But, all in all, I’m loving my job. The nurses, meh, sometimes they can get short and snippy but they don’t have easy jobs. The patients? Most of them are wonderful and so sweet.

Thursday 3


#thursday3 #snapseed
1. I’ve worked every day this week and haven’t gotten less than 10k in steps
2. My kids are on summer break and I think I’m enjoying it. I’m still not sure.
3. I’m tired. Very tired.

Virtual 5K

So, I joined my first virtual 5k!


I’m excited and a little nervous!

Summer SoleMate Fun Run 5K/10K Information
Be sure to join us from July 31 – August 8th for our Summer SoleMate Fun Run Virtual 5K/10K.
Once you purchase your Swag Pack you are signed up to participate in our Virtual Race. We will send your race pack the first week of July. Your swag pack includes a custom finishers medal, race bib, and custom tank/shirt, just like any other race. You then complete your 5K or 10K any way and anywhere you like. We really mean any way; run, hike, walk, swim, bike. Once completed just take a screenshot of your miles, picture with finishers medal and post on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #SummerSoleMate

We have seen our 5K’s completed on cruise ships, at Disneyland, on Vacations in Paris, hiking mountains and everything in between. The possibilities are endless with our virtual Races. Join 1000’s of women and men from all over the world coming together to complete 3.1 miles, for a wonderful cause. This year’s Summer SoleMate Fun Run 5K/10K will be benefiting an organization we worked with last year and absolutely love Wounded Warrior Project. Our service men and women give so much for our country we would be honored to complete a 5K/10K to help give back to them.

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