Project Life: Week 11

So yeah, I’m really behind. Oh well, right? I’m catching up today while I’m dealing with gastroenteritis from all three of the other members of my family.


Templates: LissyKay Designs
Kit: Be by Amy Stoffel
Some pieces: Save the Last Date by Kathy Winters, Project 2013 by Connie Prince, Project 2014 by Connie Prince

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16 April, 2014 · 11:29 pm

Tuesday Twosome

Two Lego Addicted Kiddos

Untitled Untitled

Madison got this awesome little Tiger with a bag of Lego Friends and Ethan got something Star Wars. :D
Daddy spoils them!

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15 April, 2014 · 9:13 pm

My Week in Pictures

MONDAY: April 07, 2014

Josh was off. We’d planned to go to the AT&T store and at least SEE if I can get a new phone. They were STUPID busy at 10am, when they’d opened, so we went to the mall and walked around a few places, to wait an hour or so, to see if it gets any less busy (the AT&T store).

April 07

097/365 [2014] - Last Pic With Inspire
Little did I know when I took this picture that it would be my LAST with my old phone, the HTC Inspire. The bathrooms at the mall are pretty dang spiffy and nice! I even got lucky to get a FRESHLY CLEANED toilet. Still had the blue water and seat up!

A little info on the outfit:
Jeans are Jordache’s from 2000. I’m going to have to retire them, because one of the belt loops is nearly ripped off and they’re worn out in the inner thigh.
Jacket is from Old Navy that I got last year.
Shirt (not seen) is the “Go Vlog Yourself” design from the CTFxC and DFTBA :D
My awesome bag is the Think Geek Handbag of Holding that I got for Christmas

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14 April, 2014 · 7:51 pm

So … this is going on

I haven’t even turned on the computer. I will have to in a bit but it’s been blissful not being on it. I have been on my phone though. ????


Right now, it sounds like the apartment building is going to blow away ???? Not fun sounding at all!

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13 April, 2014 · 6:09 pm

It’s Just a Day Away


Nothing really is happening. Just working on getting myself into better shape. Ugh. I feel like a failure even though I did work out today, yesterday, and Thursday, which was when I made the commitment to do it.
But I went over on calories today. I was Moody and hungry, so I ate some Oreos. I don’t regret the Oreos, just wish I would have just had something with less calories. I have Cookies and Cream Special K cookie wafer things that are amazing. I could have had those. Nope, I splurged on the Rice Krispie Treat Oreos.

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12 April, 2014 · 9:01 pm