Happy Mail

The landscape looks inviting when you look at it the right way. Ethan’s Advent Calendar by Lego is going to be a lot of fun to play with! I have a lot of ideas on what to do with it when it comes to pictures. Ethan is going to have fun, too, I think!

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The Face of the Blogger


It’s not every day that I decide to do my make-up. Today, I did, including tight-lining and the waterline. Some really great mascara, Voluminous Butterfly by L’Oreal Paris. I got it for free from Influenster a bit ago and it still works awesome.

And I’m so sorry the picture is yellow-ish. Stupid lighting in the bathroom.

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Pie in Your Face


I almost have this recipe memorized. I love me some Hoosier Pie. My daughter helped me make two of them today, and tomorrow, she’s going to help me make the Green Bean Casserole. Next week, she’ll help me with more of the other food, since we’ll be doing Thanksgiving at home.

I’m not upset by it though. It’ll be nice to just sit and relax.

It’s a Sinus Thing


I have some craptastic sinuses. I can thank my father for that. I spent half of senior year on Claritin-D and other related meds, just to function during the day. Sinus infections left and right.

Apparently, I got scar tissue from that. Quite a bit of it. So now, I feel like I’m even more sensitive to it. My left eyeball felt like it was going to fall out. So much sinus pressure.

I guess the good thing is that I’m so used to it, I can suffer through it while chilling in bed, and while not sleeping, but blocking out the world and laying down so the throbbing isn’t so bad. I was able to wait until after dark until I took meds for it, and it did help. Not for long because they never do, but enough so that I was able to breathe without feeling the pressure in the leaking ball ;)

It really didn’t help that I watched Click, with Adam Sandler. I completely forgot that that movie turns me into a ball of tears, snot, and blubbers.

Oh well. :D

Catching a Moment


I had the worst dream the night before last.

I dreamt that Josh was cheating on me, with a coworker.

No, it isn’t even a fear of mine.

Nothing with him has changed, and his paychecks confirm all the hours that he works.

Plus, he will show me his phone, any time I ask. I know his passwords (he sort of knows mine, as well).

I don’t know why I had the dream. But it left me feeling very clingy and emotional yesterday.

Thankfully, he understood, and let me cuddle whenever I wanted.

I’m glad it happened the night before his day off.

Color Me Bad

Hair color changed #chocolatecaramel #garnier #garniernutrisse #hairdye #haircolor #athomedyejob

A woman is allowed to change her mind.

I went from purple to pink to orange, all in a fading of a dye job.

Now, I am my favorite snack: chocolate caramel. Yum and the color suits me. It is that pop of color that makes me feel more me!

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It’s All a Mystery


Looking under the truck, she notices a spot.

A spot of wet under a vehicle is never a good thing.

It could be condensation.

It could be oil.

It could be left from another vehicle.

There is no need to panic.

Just take in a breath and release it.

There is no real mystery. It is easy to solve.

Christmas Traditions and Cold Weather

A couple days ago, I asked my daughter if she still believes in Santa and the magic of Christmas. She looked at me like I was insane and goes “Well, yeah.” I’m glad, because she’s eleven, and I’m not ready for my oldest baby to tell me she doesn’t believe anymore.

This year will mark our third year of Tyler the Elf on the Shelf, and both of my kiddos are so ready for it! I think this year, I’ll take a picture of them with Tyler. Maybe that’ll help build even more memories.

Or at least make me smile when they’re older, because I’ll have the pictures.

Kit: Christmas Traditions by JB Studio
Template: LissyKay

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