Vantage Point


I finally got to get an actual bath last night. I spent half an hour in the tub, playing with my phone. Though I’d planned to read on the Kindle. Oh well. I had a blast! It was so relaxing and wonderful.

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Thank You Dad!


Thanks to my father, I no longer have any unexpected lights on (ABS/Brakes is expected and honestly, nothing to worry about. I’ve driven 3 vehicles previously without ABS). Prior Check Engine Soon light was my gas cap light. Makes me wonder if someone attempted to snake some gas from me, since the vehicle was sitting for so long, BUT it had been sitting at half a tank, so yeah, I doubt they got much).

But otherwise, it’s running beautifully. She has new spark plugs and my pads have 8k miles or so left on them (as Dad said, the life of my vehicle, since I’ve gone a whopping 26k miles in 6 years ROFL). She’s got a fresh 5 quarts of oil, new air filter, and new oil filter. No noticeable drips.

Oh, and did I mention the A/C is working. We tested it Tuesday, and trust me, it was working

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18 Days


There are 18 days until school starts. Not that I’m counting.

Okay, I’m counting.

They’re driving me bonkers. They’re bored. It’s been too humid and too hot to go outside. The playground equipment would burn them. Then, my parents were here, and we all (but Ethan). We’ve had a pretty productive summer break, but I’m ready for it to finish. I think they might be ready as well.

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Use Both Hands

Josh arm-wrestled Madison. She lost. She actually gave up, but the giggles she was giving. It was just so perfect!

The kids are loving having Josh home. He goes back Monday, and I don’t think that they’re going to enjoy it all.

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Nope, Not Mine


Mom texted me, asking if I was missing my mouse. I panicked a little. The mouse I use for my laptop is a favorite. I got it after my first one got stuck shut. I’d spilled some soda (a couple drops) right on the part where it sealed), and had to replace it. I finally broke down and bought one with a design. Reminded me of fairies (it’s abstract. You see what you want to see). It’s actually called Into the Deep, which fits, since I’m also obsessed with all things ocean-related. I would be very sad if I’d lost it. I mean I could replace it if it was lost, but I don’t want to do that. I LOVE this mouse!

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