Seeing the dreams

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She looked around. She couldn’t believe that she was actually there. She had made it to the Superbowl. She might only be a bystander, but it was still such an amazing feeling that she was able to enjoy. She had plans to buy a few stadium cups. One was for her to use. One for her mom who’d helped her along the way. And one for the boss who almost didn’t let her go.

That wasn’t all that she was going to do. She was going to talk to people around her. She was going to enjoy herself. She wasn’t going to let her anxiety over crowds break her down now. This was her chance to be free, her chance to fly solo.

She’d never thought she’d live to see this. She wasn’t supposed to have survived that accident. She wasn’t supposed to be alive at all. That was what he had wanted. He had wanted her dead, and she was not going to take it lying down.

Looking down at the brace on her leg, holding on that fake foot, she smiled. Nope, she wasn’t going to take it, even standing up.

I Made a Layout … and a Video!

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Worked Out

Hey look! An early update. I’m forced to sit here at the desk because I might have over done it a little!


This was the first work-out. Look at that time! 734 am! That’s a great time to workout, I think!

I decided to try my Walk It Off in 30 Days. Since the plan is the walking Mon-Wed-Fri, and firming the other days, I went with the firming.

Oh, boy, are the thighs a shaking!

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Project 2016: Week 04 & Week 05

Template: Reflections: January by Dagi Pieces: #2016 by Connie Prince Hug Them Tight collab Smitten collab It's a Wrap collab Fonts: Janda Curlygirl Chunky Regular Hello Heartache Regular Journaling: The week of learning the camera, playing with the family, and just working my butt off. And that is almost literal. I’m losing inches all over the place. I am so loving it! It’s all about not allowing myself to eat everything in sight. So far, that’s the only real change I had to make. I like that! Now if only it would warm up again!

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Clouds are Magestic

Clouds! Nothing like clouds in the sky.

No matter where you are, the clouds look the same.

But everyone views them differently.

I see them as beautiful, but I know people who see them as ugly! And annoying.

I’ll never see them that way.

Project 365: January

I’ve finished Week 04, but I’m going to wait until I finish Week 05 (hopefully tomorrow, by Friday at the latest ;)) until I share that. If you’re in any Facebook groups with me or actual FB friends, you’ll have seen them anyway 😀

But I decided to make a calendar page full of each day’s pic for my Project 365! I’m a little jealous of people who have the Collect app and such, but at least I can sort of do my own version of it!

Project 365, Month 1, completed! Kit: My Life Is Mega by Amy Stoffel  Template: Any Year Calendar by MHK Scraps
Kit: My Life Is Mega by Amy Stoffel
Template: Any Year Calendar by MHK Scraps

Currently … Feb 01 – 05

Currently: February 01, 2016
February 01, 2016
Watching: Sons of Anarchy
Reading: Someone Like You
Listening: Quiet
Making: Muscles Sore
Feeling: Sickly
Planning: Working
Loving: Weight Loss

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UntitledI am completely and totally excited to share the newest additions to our furniture family. Unfortunately, that means the death of another, but it was time, past time.

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Sleep is Needed


I really and truly did not feel good. I survived the day but I am so tired.
Tonight I am going to try taking some slow-release Melatonin. Wish me luck that I sleep through the night!

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